I dont understand how guys in a relationship can like and comment pics of half or full naked girls.


We are not dating.
We are not together.
But I love you.

We talk.
We connect.
And I love you.



Loved him then love him now

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Your being distant. Should I question it? I do. I ask you. What did I do? You say nothing yet I feel far from everything. Maybe I am paranoid. Maybe I am not. You are different and that scares me.



The relationship might have been a joke but the feelings were true and u stomped on them like I was nothing to u.

Fly Away Loverboy

You left without saying goodbye;
your excuse, i had too much on my mind.
Well loverboy, this is whats on mine:
I hope u make it safe and u remember me
because if you dont ill just leave.
You said i dont care about you
but the truth is i dont think u care about me.
i do love u and i do miss u but u never say it
and im tired of this shit.
Fly away loverboy
Fly away home.

Fly Away Loverboy Love Miss You Lonely Emo scene girl lost without home